Conversation models

The Fierce TEAM® programme is designed to help individuals, teams and networks of professionals make better decisions for themselves and their organisations. It encourages people to build their own ‘think tanks’ within their organisations to take better decisions, and build alignment and collaboration across their organisation.

Fierce COACH® is a question-based approach which avoids advising, asking coachees to discover their own solutions which make sense for them. This 7-step coaching model encourages coaches to recognise the impact of their actions and the actions of others, and to take full accountability to unlock solutions.

Fierce FEEDBACK® Learn to create a continuous learning cycle and engagement through healthy feedback channels. This conversation model offers a fresh approach that will transform feedback sessions into candid consistent, two-way conversations that spark lasting change.

Fierce Delegation® introduces a simple methodology to clarify roles, end micromanagement and put people on a clear path of professional development. This conversation helps leaders to promote responsibility taking and effective priority setting in their teams. For team members, it’s a great way to avoid the feeling of micro-management, and to argue for more authority and interesting tasks.

Fierce CONFRONT® is a confrontation with reality, not the person. It’s a positive and open invitation to explore and understand each other’s perspectives through conversation. A positive engagement with conflict and frustration is a platform to develop trust. Teams which don’t go this extra mile and engage constructively often underperform.

Fierce ACCOUNTABILITY® is a contextual model that helps people to evaluate their attitudes, opinions as well as beliefs and determine what impact they have on their work and personal goals. This conversation model helps people to define their work role and ensures teams are pushing in the right direction.

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